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Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

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Terms and Conditions

1. Admission from the date of 1 to 15 of the month will pay full month fees, Admission from 16 to 25 will pay specified fees. The monthly fees is due on every 1st of the month, grace period of 7 days is given. After 7th of the month Rs. 100/- will be charged per day in your fees.

2. Refundable security deposit of one month fees has to be deposited at time of admission. Security money will only be returned in case of 30 days prior notice, of leaving the hostel & after verifying no damage of property or conduct.

3. It is the duty of the occupant to get their baggage checked at the time of entry. The hostel reserves the right to check the baggage anytime during the stay, and in case of any undesirable or restricted items found the management would take the necessary disciplinary action.

4. The occupants are suppose to keep their precious items in the safe, as the room can be opened by hostel staff any time during their absence also for the purpose of utility, maintenance etc.The Occupant is suppose to check all items issued to her at time of possession, & report the damage, later complaints would not be entertained & damage charges shall be levied on occupant.

5. The student has the right to use the prescribed items in the hostel; Not the whole thing.

6. You will be responsible for any unauthorized act outside the hostel.

7. In the hostel, the students will be responsible for the safety of their belongings, for this the hostel management will not be liable.

8. Except extraordinary circumstances in the hostel, admission to the school will be compulsory at 8 pm. In the above extraordinary circumstances, this exemption will be given only when the hostel management will receive oral or written permission.

9. The Student has to get permission from the hostel to go home or stay out of the hostel at night. Without the prior permission to go home from the hostel or stay out of the hostel at night, the student of the summon / notice (notice) can be discharged from the hostel and the remaining fee for that month will not be adjusted.

10. The hostel management will not be liable if there is an extraordinary event or accident in the hostel.

11. It is mandatory to inform the student one month prior to the deadline for leaving the hostel.

12. Electricity charges in the hostel (Electricity Bills) will be payable in the room as per prescribed electrometer (electric meter). The duty of the air-conditioned machine (AC) will be applicable from 1st March to 31st October and the charge of the water-heating machine from November 1st to 28th February.

13. Breakfast of breakfast will be available at 10 pm and dinner will be available in the prescribed student room for 9 to 30 minutes.

14. Admission of male member in hostel is prohibited.

15. In the hostel, any related relative / family member of the student will meet in the prescribed room.